Matters of The Heart

The beautiful thing about music is that it has the ability to elicit certain emotions from our past, present and even thinking to the future. When it comes to matters of the heart we tend to choose music that speaks to our soul. It can be an excursion of sorts; and the destination…our feelings. We listen to songs that match the euphoria of a new relationship, the pain of a break-up or dare I say it (***whispers***) that baby making music.

When an artist is vulnerable and creative enough to share their story music has the power to captivate the mind. Vividly recalling specific details of an experience whether it be good or bad. You remember how you played the song over and over again, getting lost in the moment. If executed correctly the singer/vocalist creates an enchanting piece relatable to our relationships and feelings, almost as though they’re speaking to our exact situation.

You may be thinking Hmm… where is this going?

As you should be….

Being versed in a plentiful array of genres, Brianna Elise fervently expresses her love of music through original pieces that keep you coming back for more. With formal training including piano lessons to vocal coaching, Brianna has continuously poured passion and hard work into the gift that she’s delivered on two full albums and her newly released EP- “(he)Art” now available on iTunes.  When you hear this, Maybe her sound will bring you back to one of those special places when it comes to matters of the heart.

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Featured Artist: Brianna Elise Brown—New EP: (he)Art



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